Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed

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Bed and Breakfast

If the last time Mom had breakfast in bed was when she was in the hospital after giving birth, it’s time to reconnect with a Mother’s Day tradition. Use a tray and dishes you already have on hand or start from scratch at the dollar store and include a small token of appreciation as well. Here are three themed suggestions. Pick one you think will make your mom smile and add your own personal touches like Mom’s favorite mug and a particular breakfast she likes.


We’re using a sturdy plastic tray covered with a cloth placemat for a traditional take on breakfast-in-bed. Add a couple of colorful pieces of dishware, a pretty paper napkin and a picture frame and you have a nice idea for a child to serve to Mom. The napkins come in packages of 20 for a buck and everything else is a dollar per piece. If you were to buy everything pictured here at the dollar store, the total cost would be under $10.00.


A blue fabric placemat on the same tray is the setting for this more formal breakfast tray. We’ve used a champagne glass for the orange juice and a fabric napkin, which comes in a package of two. To make the tassel napkin ring simply fold a tassel tie in half
and tie a knot about three inches from the loop end to shorten it. Then simply place it around the napkin and feed the tassels through the loop.
Fabric flowers in a vase are nice but we would encourage you to replace
them with the real thing.


Maybe Mom’s the outdoorsy type. Delight her with a “picnic” breakfast complete with melamine dishes and plastic cutlery and goblet. Wrap the tray in a blanket to mimic the way you would eat on a grassy patch in the park. This 40 x 30 inch thin blanket is perfect for our purposes. Just fold it in half before using it as a placemat and let the rest spread out around the tray when you deliver it to Mom. We’ve added a pretty tulip candle in it’s original packaging and set in a hurricane vase as a small gift for Mom. Each piece on this tray was a dollar with the exception of the paper napkin, of course, and the cutlery, which is sold in packages of 18 pieces for a dollar.