Make a Mini Terrarrium

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Make a Mini Terrarium

I’ve always loved the look of terrariums, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to try my hand. When I found a small plastic terrarium at Dollar Tree recently, I grabbed it and the opportunity to put my own personal spin on this very popular item.

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Here are the supplies I used along with the terrarium:

  • potted succulent (Dollar Tree)
  • small stones (on hand)
  • medium-sized engraved or plain stone (Dollararma)
  • moss (loose or sheet from Dollar Tree or Dollarama)
  • glue gun
  • assorted bits of greenery (on hand)
  • thick twine for hanging (Dollarama)



The first step is to hot glue a few small stones onto the base of the terrarium. I tried putting the stones in without gluing them down and it made the subsequent steps a slippery proposition.



Next, I added a layer of moss on top of the stones. There’s no need to glue it down.



The succulent pulls out of the little pot very easily. If the little stem comes out with it and can’t be easily detached, you may need to cut it off. You want the succulent to sit flat in the terrarium.



Place the succulent on top of the moss to one side and tuck in about three pieces of faux foliage on the other side.


I added the larger, engraved stone as an afterthought and liked the effect. A plain stone of the same size would work as well. 

This little terrarium will sit on a shelf but is generally meant to be hung up somewhere. I chose to hang it in my ensuite so I added some thick twine to the attached hanger on the terrarium. 



Adjust the length of the twine so that your little terrarium hangs just where you want it. It’s so easy and inexpensive, you could make several, if you wanted to, and personalize them to your own tastes.


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