How to Mimic the Look of Sea Glass

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How to Mimic the Look of Sea Glass                                                                                                               

If you watch YouTube crafters, you might have seen this idea before. I can’t take credit for this hack but I loved the idea and wanted to try it for myself. Seemed easy enough and I’m all about easy!

Here’s what I learned about how to mimic the look of sea glass without buying sea glass spray paint.

Supplies Needed:

  • any clear glass container (Dollar Tree)
  • white school glue (on hand)
  • food colouring
  • foam paint brush



I had already picked up this cute votive candle holder at Dollar Tree but hadn’t yet decided what to do with it. I’ve seen others use this sea glass technique on mason jars and larger vases but I wanted to start small to see how it turned out. 



The first thing I did was to remove the metal band from the candle holder. This was easy to do, as it attaches via a slot and tab system. I’ll replace it afterward.



Next, I squirted a quantity of white glue into a small bowl and added one drop of food colouring. I’m using green but you can choose whatever colour takes your fancy. I’ve seen food colouring at Dollar Tree but each little bottle is sold separately so, unless you only need/want one colour, you’re better off buying it elsewhere, if you don’t already have some on hand.



Mix the food colouring into the glue until it is well-blended. I didn’t measure the glue. I suppose the amount of glue you use will determine the depth of colour you get. This looks pretty dark, but it turned out just right when it dried on the glass.

Use a foam brush to apply a thin layer of the glue mixture onto the glass. 



After the glue dried, I replaced the metal band with the attached rope handle. Naturally, you have to use a battery-operated candle, so you don’t risk melting the glue.


I found some small resin pieces at Dollar Tree. I loved the package containing sea shells and sea horses and thought one of the sea shells would make a nice addition to the front of this candle holder. Then I styled it on my mantle using a piece of driftwood I found at the lake and a dollar store shell.

I love the way this turned out! The sea glass look without having to buy expensive spray paint! Cheap and easy. What could be better? 


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