Give a Dollar Tree Wastebasket a Nautical Vibe

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Give a Dollar Tree Wastebasket a Nautical Vibe

I’m in the process of redoing my guest bathroom in a nautical theme. The plain white wastebasket I had in there just wasn’t doing it for me, so I decided to give it a makeover to match the vibe I was going for.
giving a dollar tree wastebasket a nautical vibe


I used the following supplies:

  • 10- inch tall Dollar Tree wastebasket
  • 2 1/2 bundles of jute rope (approx. 32 feet each)
  • hot glue
  • nautical embellishment

Begin Wrapping Wastebasket

I used Gorilla Glue hot glue. It’s supposed to be able to withstand any kind of weather outside, so I figure it should hold up in a steamy bathroom.

Start at the bottom of the wastebasket and continue to add glue at intervals as you wrap the rope around it. I used a finger protector to press the rope into the glue.

Here, I’m about half-way done and have used one bundle of rope.

This is after finishing the second skein of rope. As you can see, this wastebasket is wider at the top than at the bottom and has a lip around the top edge.

To save yourself some time, you might want to find a wastebasket that has a straight edge at the top. I had this one on hand, so I worked with it.

Finishing the Top Edge

With the lip and the wastebasket being more oval at the top, I found that I had to periodically cut the rope to fill in the gaps around the top.

I used a broken dowel rod to poke the rope under the lip of the wastebasket. A pencil would work as well for this.

Add a Nautical Embellishment

To finish, I added a wood anchor from my stash that I painted light blue. I used a bit of white cord I had on hand to wrap around the anchor before gluing it to the front of the wastebasket.

The finished wastebasket fits right in with my new bathroom theme!


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