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Rock Your Summer Décor

Decorating with Stones

Whether collected on your travels or bought at the dollar store, rocks are one natural element that is cheap to obtain but helps you to bring a summertime vibe to your décor.

Here are a few ideas for decorating with rocks and stones using dollar store finds.

Rock Your Door Stop


Make a sturdy doorstop with a mason jar or any appropriately-sized jar with a lid. All we’ve done here is layer three different shades of stones to make a doorstop that can be used inside or out.

Try this with coloured glass stones or gems, either in all one colour or by layering different colours.

Rock Your Fresh Florals


We used a tall cylinder vase, some white stones and some fragrant lily-of-the-valley to create this display. Since lily-of-the-valley only graces our gardens for a short time in the spring, try this idea with other types of small, long-stemmed flowers.

Vary the length of the stems slightly so that the space within the vase is sufficiently filled.

Rocking Glow-in-the-Dark


These glow-in-the-dark stones come in a package of 70. In the absence of light, they glow a soft green. The obvious use for these is to spread them in your outdoor flower pots.

For indoor use, spread them on a long narrow tray to maximize light absorption and nestle three small candles, like these floating floral ones, among them. In a darkened corner, the stones produce a calming pale green light.

Rocking Outdoor Dining


Large smooth stones can be used to anchor napkins when dining outdoors. You can leave them plain or write place names or other messages on them using a coloured permanent marker.

Here, we’ve painted one in a solid colour and added a place name using a gold marker.

Rock a Mushroom Terrarium


Three small ceramic mushrooms are anchored in some river rocks and a bit of Spanish moss for a new take on a terrarium. If you can’t find these mushrooms, try an arrangement of faux flowers.

I’ve seen this idea done beautifully using a round vase with rocks and air plants.


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