Upgrade a Dollar Tree Seahorse Figurine for Summer Decor

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Upgrade A Dollar Tree Seahorse Figurine for Summer Decor

I have always been drawn to seahorses. These underwater creatures fascinate me. So when I found a seahorse figurine at Dollar Tree, you can bet I grabbed it up. Rather than just displaying it separately among the rest of my summer decor, I thought I’d give it pride of place in a terrarium.

Here’s an idea you can copy to upgrade a Dollar Tree seahorse figurine for summer decor.

Supplies Used:

  • 6-3/4″ tall resin seahorse (Dollar Tree)
  • 10″ tall wide-mouth glass vase (on hand)
  • decorative sand (dollar store)
  • assorted greenery (dollar store)
  • hot glue

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I’ve had this 10-inch bell shaped vase for a long time. I’m pretty sure I bought it at Dollarama. You can find a similar vase on Amazon, or you may be able to find something suitable at a thrift shop. I filled the bottom of the vase with decorative sand.

The large leafy frond is from a package I bought at Dollar Tree and the thin spiky leaves are from a lavender stem I got at Dollarama. 

You can use whatever leafy bits you have on hand to stand in for seaweed and other underwater plants.



I glued a short piece of boxwood to the right-hand side of the figurine’s base.



Turning the figurine on its side, I trimmed and hot glued four spiky fronds to the front of the stand, about half an inch over from the right-hand side.



Next, I placed the figurine into the vase, nestling it into the sand, until the base was covered.



I ended up using a mini spatula from Dollar Tree, to help make sure the base of the figurine was completely covered.



Then I turned the vase around and, after trimming down its stem, poked the large frond in behind the seahorse. I wanted it to be just a bit taller than the seahorse.



You can also drop a small seashell into the display to add to the underwater vibe. I absolutely love how my seahorse terrarium turned out and plan on displaying it in a prominent place in my home all summer. 


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