Two Ideas Using a Brandy Snifter and a Solar Light

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Two Ideas Using a Brandy Snifter and a Solar Light

This all began while I was looking for glass jars that I could sit a solar light on top of without using a metal mason jar ring as a base. In the glassware aisle at Dollarama, I happened upon brandy snifters. The opening seemed just right for what I was looking for, so I took one home.

I came up with two ideas using the brandy snifter and a solar light that I’d like to share with you.

Idea #1

What I had originally been trying to copy was an item I’d seen in Dollarama that consisted of a small mason jar with rocks and a succulent in the bottom and a solar panel on top.

Supplies Used:

  • small brandy snifter with 2 -1/2 inch wide mouth 
  • decorative white rocks or small river rocks 
  • solar light 

I only wanted the top section of the solar light, so I removed the stake and the plastic piece.



A layer of stones on the bottom and a faux succulent planted in the stones was all there was to do. Then just sit the top of the solar light on top of the glass. My creation looks a bit funny, shape-wise, but it’s grown on me. 

I didn’t use any glue but if you want to use this outside, I would recommend adding some to secure the solar light. I’m only using mine inside. I charge the light by sitting it in a sunny window during the day.

Idea #2

Brandy glasses have a bowl shape that reminds me of a fish bowl, so…

I Used:

  • decorative sand (any dollar store)
  • a small seashell (sea glass and/or a small driftwood piece would work, too) 
  • faux greenery (on hand)
  • mini sea life figurine (from a set of 3 at Dollar Tree) 


I combined the above supplies with the brandy glass and top of the solar light. The decorative sand was in my stash, along with some greenery from a small aquarium plant I got at the dollar store years ago.



I removed the plastic seaweed from it’s base, trimmed the bottom of the three pieces and positioned them in the sand near the back of the glass.



The black stone in my mini aquarium was the base of the aquarium plant. I added a small seashell and the mini sea turtle to complete the scene.

I love my long craft tweezers for helping to maneuver small items into tight spaces. 



 Here’s the finished piece, topped, as before, with the solar light.


I really love how this looks without the solar light. In fact, I think I even prefer it this way. 🙂 It makes a cute summery decoration you can use anywhere.


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