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Easy to Make Cushions

Placemat Cushions

Making creative things for your home doesn’t always have to involve a lot of effort. In fact, I like it best when I can keep things simple and dollar stores are a great place to start. When it comes to creative things to make, these stores are packed full of many of the raw materials that the resourceful person with a limited budget needs to help brighten a home.

These cushions are a good example of something you can make in about half an hour using two fabric placemats. Simply place the right sides flat against each other, making sure that any patterns are facing the same way up. Then stitch up three sides on the sewing machine. Use the existing hem as a guide.

Next, turn your pillow cover right side out, plump it up with batting or an old cushion and stitch the open end up by hand. You can create varying sizes of cushions up to about 11″ by 18″. 

Pick materials that are easy to work with, have patterns that cover the entire surface of the fabric or are plain and make sure that the two placemats you pick match in width and length. Dollar store placemats often vary a bit in size.

Choose a material and a design that pleases you. Maybe a patterned front with a simple coloured backing or a two-colour cushion would appeal.