Four Cheap Spring Decor Ideas

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Four Cheap Spring Décor Ideas

It’s time to lighten up, North America. The birds may be a bit shivery in some locals, but they’re back, singing their little hearts out and beginning to re-feather their nests.

There’s something about spring that makes many of us want to refresh our own nests along with our feathered friends. So let’s shake off the winter wearies and see what we can come up with.

Here are four cheap Spring decor ideas for you to try. Most of these ideas could easily take you right through to the end of summer.

Fake a Wreath

We found sheets of large puffy stickers in spring shapes and colors and arranged them into a wreath on an interior door. The stickers come on sheets of 12 or more of varying sizes. We used two sheets of stickers to create this wreath.

Think of the wreath as a clock. Start by placing four of the largest stickers at 12, 3, 6 and 9. Fill in between these with other stickers, and fill in any gaps with some of the smaller flowers and insects.

Decorate Your Cabinet Doors 

This has been a quick tip on Dollar Store Style because it takes no time at all to do. We bought these pretty cut-out felt placemats because their bright color and design appealed to us. Then we realized that they wouldn’t last long as placemats because, being made of felt, they would be next to impossible to clean, even without all the crevices.

Long story short, we decided to use a couple of them to dress up the glass cabinet doors in the kitchen for spring. Simply tack them to the inside of the doors or, if your cabinet glass is held in place with screw-in brackets like ours are, just loosen the top two brackets on each door, tuck the placemat edges under the brackets and re-tighten the screws. Done!

Window Dressing

get summery curtains on a next to nothing budget


Supplies Used:

  • 2 – 84″ long sheer rod-pocket curtains for each 34″ wide window (Dollarama) 
  • four rolls sheer, embossed ribbon (Dollarama)
  • straight pins (on hand)


get summery curtains on a next to nothing budget

Who would have thought that we’d be able to dress a window by shopping at the dollar store? Each of these sheer rod-pocket curtain panels is 34-inches wide by 84-inches long, just right for this long narrow window. They cost $3 each and come in plain white, or beige.


get summery curtains on a next to nothing budget

We’re using them in the living room to replace the dark red curtains we had up over the winter, but wanted to add a bit of springtime colour too, so we bought four rolls of wide patterned ribbon and used straight pins to hold them in place just under the curtain rod, spacing them at appropriate intervals. Then we just trimmed the ribbon to match the length of the curtain panels.


get summery curtains on a next to nothing budget

The ribbon adds pattern and colour to plain sheers and, as all of the materials were from a dollar store, I’m laughin’. 

You could also try different widths of ribbon. For instance, if you are using one-inch wide ribbon, you will probably want to use two strips of ribbon for the one wide one shown. Hang them in pairs, leaving about a half an inch of space in between them so that, where we used four wide strips for two curtain panels, you would use eight thinner strips.

FYI, even the curtain rod in this picture came from Dollarama.

Get Some Green

Plastic plants are great for those of us who aren’t great gardeners but, when spring comes, you might have the urge to bring a couple of living plants into your home. If, like me, you can’t claim to have a green thumb, choose easy-to-care for plants like English ivy or Boston fern. 

We know that 99-cent Only Stores sell live plants but we’ve never seen live plants in a dollar store in our neighborhood. However, another discount store was selling four-inch pots for two bucks each, so we grabbed a couple. 

To style, I dropped the plain pots into dollar store ceramic pots to dress them up and elevated them on a pair of wide-based candle sticks. Just make sure that the base of the pots you choose will sit firmly on the candlesticks.



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