Brighten Your Home for Spring with Faux Florals

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Brighten Your Home for Spring With Faux Florals 

Sometimes, when I think about making floral arrangements, I’ll be inspired by an interesting container I’ve found. That was the case when I saw two plastic containers at Dollarama before Easter. 

Here’s how I filled them and how you can brighten your home for Spring with faux florals. It’s so very easy and can be completed in no time at all!

Picket Fence Florals

Supplies used:

  • treat container about 3 1/2″ square
  • flower stem of your choice
  • floral foam
  • reindeer moss



This little container was originally intended to hold Easter party favour treats. It’s about 3 1/2-inches square at the top. I love the cute picket fence design.

Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the container. Despite the hot glue gun in the background, I prefer not to glue the floral foam to the inside of a container.



I had these purple and yellow flowers in my stash and thought they would make a cheery Spring arrangement.



I separated the stems, added a layer of reindeer moss over the floral foam and pushed each stem through the moss and into the foam.



My arrangement seemed a bit skimpy, so I added a few stems of a pink bush I had in my stash to fill it out and was quite happy with the fullness afterward. 

Bushel of Daisies

Supplies used:

  • small basket shaped like a bushel basket about 6-inches round (or any round container)
  • two large bunches of daisies (found at Dollarama)
  • floral foam
  • reindeer moss


This plastic bucket was meant to hold Easter treats. I loved that it looked like a bushel basket. The handle is made so that it easily slides out from around the knob holding it on and I removed it.

These containers came in different colours but I liked this sunny yellow one. You can, of course, choose to paint a container you’re using.



I can’t explain why, but I pictured this bushel basket filled with daisies, so I hunted around until I found these at a Dollarama.



I prefer not to glue the floral foam down inside a container. Not gluing makes it easy to reuse the container if I want it for another project later on.



As before, spread a layer of reindeer moss over top of the foam so it’s completely covered.



Separate the daisies from the original bunches and poke each stem down into the floral foam. Making sure the container is completely filled with flowers makes for a nicer arrangement. 

These faux floral arrangements can be used to decorate throughout the summer as well.


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