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Curing Kitchen Clutter

Kitchen Storage Ideas

If, as they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is also the room voted most likely to attract clutter. Tables, counter tops and drawers attract the things we’re going to deal with “later” and limited cupboard space may become such a jumble that it’s hard to find smaller items like a bottle of nutmeg or cloves.

Here are three ideas that may help you to tame some of the trouble spots.


To help organize the kitchen table, we filled this handled basket with oft-used items including a mug to hold spoons, napkins and a pair of salt and pepper shakers.

This idea makes it simple to transport these things for outdoor dining, as well.


We’ve all heard about the idea of using a photo album to house loose recipes so we set out to do it in dollar store style. Here we’ve used a one-inch binder decorated with stickers and a label.

Glue recipes cut from magazines onto patterned (or plain) printer paper and insert them into clear page protectors, which come in packages of 15.

Those recipes printed from online can simply be slipped into the page protectors. Use both sides of the page protectors to make optimal use of them.

You could even make a section in your recipe book for kitchen tips like the one we found about 101 uses for vinegar.

At last! Less paper hanging from the fridge and clogging the kitchen drawer! We used two different patterned papers and two packages of page protectors for this recipe book.

And how about one of those wide kitchen clips to mark the page you’re using? This type of clip can be found in a variety of styles at any dollar store.

For recipe card-sized recipes, choose a 4 x 6-inch photo album for a buck and label it in the same way as your larger book.

A homemade recipe book makes a great gift idea, too.


To organize your spices, how about these trim little containers? They come in sets of three for a dollar, open on both sides for sprinkling or scooping and are stackable. We also found these clear labels for spices and other kitchen staples like flour and sugar. They came in a package of two sheets for a dollar. Or, if you prefer, the labels we used for the recipe books work just as well.