Decorating the Kitchen for Christmas

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Decorating the Kitchen for Christmas

It seems that people always gravitate to the kitchen when I have a family gathering. You might be able to relate. The thing is, why is the kitchen the last room in the house that we consider
decorating for Christmas? I mean, I switch out the regular tea towels for the Christmas ones, but other than that?

Here’s what I came up with to decorate the most popular room in the house for Christmas.

I’ve got a large window in the kitchen, so I thought I’d start there, using two lengths of faux holly.

I had café curtain rod hooks already in place, which would suit my purposes just fine. If you don’t, cup hooks or small Command hooks will do nicely.


Then, simply use the loop on the end of the garland to attach it to the hook. You’ll want the top garland to hang a little higher than the bottom one, so pull it to the height you want, loop it over the other hook and let the excess hang down the side.

Hang the second garland from the same hooks in the same way.


You’ll end up with something looking like this.

To give it some extra colour, hang a few ornaments along the length of each garland.

Using Command hooks, hang a couple of wreaths on cupboard doors.

I decided that one wreath on either side of the window was sufficient.

You could also line up a few small houses, trees and figures along the window sill to make a miniature village.