Three Easy Christmas Crafts For Your Home

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Three Easy Christmas Crafts for Your Home

Christmas is, without a doubt, my favourite crafting time of the year. The following ideas take practically no time at all to complete and will help you to add a little more jolly to your home this holiday season.

Without further ado, here are three easy Christmas crafts for your home. 

Santa’s Mittens

Materials Needed:

  • a pair of red oven mitts
  • white mop duster 
  • small greenery and decorations of your choice
  • ribbon for hangers
  • hot glue




Fold the duster over lengthwise and cut it in half.  Measure and cut one half to the length needed to create a cuff for each oven mitt. Hot glue them in place at the top of each oven mitt. There will be stray threads. Trim the stragglers so that the cuffs look neat.



Here, I added three leaves to one side of each cuff and glued some berries and a pinecone to the center of them.


Turn each oven mitt over and hot glue a small length of ribbon to the middle of them near the top to serve as a hanger.



Use command hooks to hang them on your kitchen wall or on cabinet doors. I don’t recommend using decorated oven mitts around the oven. Plastic greenery will melt, should it come in contact with a hot oven rack. And loose fibres could end up in your mince pie!

A Makeover for Frosty

I found this cute metal snowman decoration at Dollar Tree early in the season. To effect a simple makeover, you will need:

  • a leftover piece of the duster from the previous craft
  • some greenery to decorate the snowman’s hat
  • small Christmas present ornaments
  • hot glue and tacky glue


Cut a piece of leftover duster to fit the base and hot glue it in place to represent snow. Trim any unruly bits.



Next, I cut a sprig of holly from my stash and hot glued it to the snowman’s hat. Use whatever you have on hand to effect a similar look.


To compliment the parcel in the snowman’s hand, I used tacky glue to attach three Christmas gift ornaments to the base of faux snow. Don’t use hot glue for this or you will melt the Styrofoam that the presents are made of. 

Three-Dimensional Joy 

For this project, you will need:

  • a 6 1/2-inch square sign from Dollar Tree (any design)
  • Five inch long joy ornament (or similar. I found this one at Dollar Tree)
  • two small square wood blocks
  • white paint (I used the acrylic paint I had on hand)
  • hot glue



This particular sign is easily removed from its frame and already has a hanger on it. I gave the backing three coats of white acrylic paint to cover the green lettering. If you’re using another type of paint, it will take fewer coats. Let the paint dry before placing the sign back inside the frame.

The frame is of such a material that it resisted my attempt to use acrylic paint. No matter, I decided that the green frame complimented the red and black ornament anyway. 



Remove the hanger from the ornament, turn it over and hot glue the two wood blocks onto the back of it, as shown. The blocks should be hidden from view, once the ornament is turned over. 



Hot glue the two blocks onto the center of the backing for a 3-D effect and hang wherever you need a little holiday joy.


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