Father’s Day Gifts Under $20.00

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Gifts Ideas For Dad 

I remember my dad as the guy I went to when my swivel-waisted fashion doll broke in half. It took him a bit of tinkering but fix it he did and it stayed fixed. Pop was the typical 50’s father, the guy who cut the grass on the weekends, dug up the potatoes in our garden patch and built a small wooden trailer to follow behind my brother’s bike on his paper route.

Whether your dad’s a Mr.-Fix-It or a more cerebral kind of guy, he deserves recognition on his special day. Here are three dad-worthy suggestions in the dollar store style to help spark some ideas.

At the Car Wash

This gift is for the Dad who likes to keep the family car looking its best. This plastic bucket is filled with a wash mitt, a tire brush, interior leather and vinyl wipes and an air freshener shaped like a Nascar race car.

On the Road


If Dad spends a lot of time on the road, this present might be just what he needs. Pack a travel mug, a universal cell phone dash mount/belt clip kit and an emergency flashlight into a laptop bag instead of a traditional gift bag.

The flashlight runs on two AA batteries.  If you don’t find this particular flashlight, there are certainly lots of compact flashlights to choose from at the dollar store.

Tools Plus Gift Card


Lastly, if you’d rather give Dad a gift card for his favourite hardware or home improvement store, here’s a simple way to disguise it for cheap. Simply take a case of small screwdrivers out of its original packaging, insert the gift card inside and wrap. Voila, a gift within a gift.