Valentine’s Day Gifts For Family

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Family

When you get to a certain age, (and I’m talking about myself here ;),Valentine’s Day sort of loses its oomph. However, the day of love should still to be celebrated, don’t you think? The world needs more love.

At any rate the young among us and their love for each other should be applauded and celebrated. Hence this post that offers Valentine’s Day gifts for family.

Fragrant Sachet

Kind of an old-fashioned idea, but useful nevertheless.

  • bag of potpourri
  • small gift sack(s)



It doesn’t get any easier than this. Simply fill one of those small gauzy gift sacks with potpourri and close, tying the ribbon closure in a bow. Add a gift tag for giving.  Make several to give as gifts and keep some for yourself to help freshen your drawers or hang one in your closet.

Paperclip Bookmarks

While many of us like to read on Kindle or listen to audio books, some still love the feel of an actual book in their hands. This craft is for them.

Supplies used:



  • large paper clips
  • assorted foam or felt hearts

You will need two sets of hearts for each bookmark. Here, I’ve layered three foam hearts, one on top of the other to create the two pieces needed for the first bookmark. I used hot glue to attach the each piece. 



Hot glue the first heart onto the top of the paperclip.



Then add the second heart over top of the first on the other side of the paperclip. Make sure to glue all the edges of the two hearts together and to remove all of those pesky glue strings!



For the second bookmark I made, I used four foam hearts and some shiny heart stickers. 



Here’s how my two bookmarks turned out. There are any number of ways to design these, limited only by the supplies you have on hand and your imagination. You might also decide to write a love message on them. 

Frame Inspiration

Supplies used:

  • 4×4 frame with wide mat
  • set of small letters and number stickers
  • craft tweezers
  • sheet of puffy hearts in various sizes
  • picture of your choice



These attractive frames are from Dollar Tree. The raised mat provided the perfect place for the idea I had in mind.



I took this phrase from an old song. It seems to suit this couple very well. I embellished the words with a couple of puffy heart stickers, the smallest standing in for the “o” in together. As this is indeed a wedding picture, I added the date of the occasion down either side. This would be a great anniversary present for a couple, as well. 



I used some small letter stickers I had in my stash for the above project, but I gotta say, they were mighty fiddly to work with. The tweezers helped me to get them in place. However, if you have good printing skills, I would suggest forgoing stickers and simply writing your message onto the raised mat with a Sharpie.



For a more simplified idea using the same frame, just add some small puffy heart stickers as shown. I think it conveys the truth of this relationship without the need for words.


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