My Favourite Dollar Store Crafting Tools

My Five Favourite Dollar Store Crafting Tools

When you craft on a budget, you want the tools you use to be as inexpensive as possible while still doing the job well. And I have found that it’s not necessary to pay big bucks for many of the crafting tools I use regularly. 

Here are my five favourite dollar store crafting tools.

Roller Cutter and Cutting Board




This roller cutter is from Dollar Tree. It’s small than some of the more expensive ones I’ve seen, but it cuts through fabric and paper with ease.

The 9 by 7 1/2-inch cutting board in the background is great for cutting small items on. It came from the Dollar Tree, as well and still looks as good as the day I bought it.


Micro Scissors



I found these micro tip scissors at Dollarama for under two bucks. I think they’re mostly used by people who sew, but I have found them great for trimming around the edges of small craft projects.

X-acto Knife

This tool is a favourite among crafters. You can easily put a new blade in to ensure you always get precise trimming. I found this brand name X-act-o knife at Dollarama for two bucks, but you can also get similar knives at Dollar Tree that work just as well. 

Poking and Scoring Tool


These tools come in a set of two at Dollar Tree. Each has a different size of point on one end and flat scoring tool on the other end. I like to use one to make holes in soft objects when I want to insert stems or other thick objects into something like foam.

Long Tweezers

I bought a set of four different kinds of long tweezers at Dollar Tree. They are useful in jewelry making but I have used them for everything from placing objects into a deep container to holding a small object while I paint it. 


Other tools I’ve bought in the tool sections at the dollar stores. Things like sanding blocks, utility knives and metal L-shaped rulers are all useful to have on hand. I use the sanding blocks to smooth edges quite often. What crafting tools to you get at the dollar store?


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