Easter table decorations

Spring & Easter 

Easter Table Decorations

The first celebration of spring is always a happy occasion, usually marked by flowers, food and family, not to mention lots of chocolate. If you’re in charge of the family dinner this year, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Try these three Easter table decorations that are sure to add fun and colour to your table without a lot of bother or expense. 

Fill a candy dish with mini eggs containing wrapped chocolate. Not only is it decorative, but guests will enjoy finding a sweet treat inside each egg. You can mix it up with a variety of different candy for added fun or keep it all the same.



Here’s a spring-time decoration you can sit at each place setting to serve as party favours that will also help decorate the table. The glass votive candle holders were found at my local Dollar Tree and I found the floral tea lights at Dollarama in packages of three.

To decorate the candle holders you will need:

  • votive candle holders 
  • a hot glue gun
  • half-inch fabric ribbon in two spring colors
  • 3-D spring-inspired flowers or butterfly stickers  
  • floral tea lights

Simply cut the ribbon the appropriate length to go around the candle holder, put the sticker of your choice onto the centre of the ribbon and hot glue it to the candle holder. Once the floral sticker is in place, glue the ribbon ends to the back of the candle holder.



This easy centrepiece for the table uses a silver-coloured tray, some basket filler and two ceramic bunnies. If you can’t find rabbits, substitute any appropriate 5″ figurine you might find at the dollar store.

Add some floral accents, in this case faux apple blossoms pulled from the stem that contrast nicely with the basket filler used. Finish with some patterned plastic eggs filled with a chocolate treat or, if you wish, a small gift. After dinner, invite your guests to choose an Easter surprise.


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