Build a Park Bench Using Dollar Store Supplies

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Build a Park Bench Using Dollar Store Supplies

Welcome to Dollar Store Style Miniatures! I’m excited to start this brand new section for all of the miniatures enthusiasts out there. I have found that many things can be made with materials from the dollar store and I hope to continue to use mostly items from dollar stores for the miniatures I create for this section.

Dollar Tree’s tumbling tower blocks feature in this first project, although you’ll only need one of them. I used my regular glue gun to make this project, but a fine tip glue gun is very useful when you’re making miniatures.

Here’s how to build a park bench using dollar store supplies. 

You will need:

  • scrabble tiles
  • jumbo craft sticks (Dollarama)
  • tumbling tower blocks (Dollar Tree)
  • hot glue or wood glue (on hand)
  • coffee stir sticks (dollar store)

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Start with a tumbling tower block and hot glue two scrabble tiles on either end to create the legs for your bench. I found a small package of scrabble tiles at Dollar Tree quite some time ago, but haven’t seen them there recently.



To make the back of the park bench, I used coffee stir sticks. Two 1-inch vertical pieces and two 2-1/4-inch horizontal pieces.



Hot glue and 1-inch pieces on the the back of the bench so that they line up with the scrabble tile legs.



Next, I hot glued the two horizontal pieces to the front of the vertical pieces, leaving appropriate gaps between the two and allowing a bit of the side pieces to stick up at the top. 



I decided that the seat of my bench didn’t look quite right, so I cut a 1-inch wide craft stick to a length of approximately 2-1/8-inch and glued that to the top of the tumbling tower block. The idea is for this piece to be just a bit longer than the tower block.



The finished bench looks just as I imagined a park bench should look and now it’s ready for paint in any colour you fancy. 

Use your new park bench in an indoor fairy garden, dish garden or as part of a diorama. 


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