Craft Room Storage Ideas from Dollar Stores

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Craft Room Storage Ideas from Dollar Stores

Okay, so I got tired of cluttering up my dining room table with all of my craft supplies. I was constantly going up and down the basement stairs to get things I needed, so I decided to carve out a space in the unfinished basement that would be dedicated exclusively to crafting. 

I had an old kitchen table that would work as my desk, but storage would be a problem because there were no finished walls to add shelves to.

If you craft, you know how difficult it can be to organize all your supplies at the best of times. My two favourite dollar stores supplied the ideas for solving some of my storage challenges.

Three-Tiered Wire Shelves

You will need:

  • four stackable shelf organizers (Dollarama)
  • plastic ties
  • cardboard or poster board
  • contact paper of your choice
  • small plastic storage baskets as needed



These shelf organizers are 15 inches long by 8 inches wide by 5.5 inches high. I’m using four of them for this craft room storage idea.




The feet on these shelves are different than ordinary wire shelf units. They are bent in such a way as to make them stackable.





I stacked two sets of two shelves then joined them together in the middle using cable ties.




I wanted to ensure that the shelves could hold any of my supplies without falling through the slots, so I made shelf inserts using some cardboard I had on hand, covered in contact paper. Pieces of poster board would work for this, too.

To make sure the shelf inserts stayed in place, I added some hot glue at each corner.



This gives me three tiers on which to store my most-used craft supplies. It sits at the back of the old table I use for crafting.

Of course, this idea could be used anywhere you need extra shelf space, whether that’s in a kitchen pantry or in a bedroom closet, with or without the contact-covered shelf pieces.

Three Tiers for Paint

To corral my acrylic paints, I used:

  • 3-18″ long solid wood signs (Dollar Tree)
  • tumbling tower blocks
  • acrylic paint
  • hot glue



I found these solid wood signs at Dollar Tree among the Valentine supplies. They are 18″ long, 2″ wide and made of solid wood. I thought I wanted to paint them brown, but decided on white instead. The tumbling tower blocks will be used as shelf risers. 



I hot glued two tumbling tower blocks together for each end of what would be the middle shelf and combined three for each end of the sign that would be the back shelf. In retrospect, the back shelf should have had four blocks to give it the proper height but, as you will see in the finished project, what I did worked out fine. I used hot glue to attach these legs to each end of the two shelves.



With the legs attached, the next step was to glue the three shelves together.



Here’s how my tiered shelves looked before I painted them. It took three coats of white acrylic paint to cover them completely.




Now all of my paints are organized and within easy reach.



This is a very solid piece of shelving that has been working nicely for me for the past year or so.

If you’ve got a lot of counter space in your kitchen, this idea could be used to store spices or other cooking condiments, so they’re always handy.


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