Writer’s Guidelines Dollar Store Style

Writer’s Guidelines Dollar Store Style

Thank you for your interest in writing for Dollar Store Style. The rules are simple; please read them carefully.

Sorry, this is not a paying proposition. I cannot pay for articles. I am, however, happy to offer you a byline so you can build your writing portfolio.

The next most important thing is that your article must be about using dollar store items to make something, like a craft or putting a gift basket together. We’re called Dollar Store Style, after all. We love craft projects, in particular.

You must provide us with full-sized colour pictures of each stage in your project, (please don’t alter them in any way) or alternately, the article must be about something dollar store related that we can provide a picture or pictures for. Our readers want to see how things come together so they can copy it. 

Send your best ideas to marlenealexander2327@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do together!

— Marlene