Style a Light-Up Christmas Scene in a Jar

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Style a Light-Up Christmas Scene in a Jar

It’s no secret that I love miniatures, so it’s no wonder that they find their way into many of my craft projects. I had actually created this decor piece last year but hadn’t shared it on my site. My daughter admired it when she was here on Christmas Day, so I thought others might like it too. 

And it’s so easy to make!

For this project, you will need:

  • a large ginger-style jar or other lidded clear glass container (Dollarama)
  • building of your choice (I used a glittery church ornament from Dollar Tree)
  • Christmas village figurine(s) and accessories (available at dollar stores)
  • battery-operated wire string lights (dollar stores)
  • faux snow (dollar stores)
  • two-sided tape squares
  • long tweezers (optional) (set from Dollar Tree)



This lidded jar was found at Dollarama. It’s about 9 1/2 inches tall to the top of the lid.

Your main element, the building, doesn’t have to be covered in glitter, but it helps the overall effect in the completed project. Of course, it’s also important that it fits inside the jar. This church was originally an ornament. I just removed the plastic ring and hanger from the top of it.

What NOT to Do


I added the snow first, which I don’t recommend and this is way too much faux snow. You only need a thin layer to cover the bottom of the jar. 

Instead, place your building and figurine into the jar first, so you can determine where you want things to be placed.

Anchor Figurine


I used a small two-sided tape square on the bottom of my figurine to keep it from toppling over on the uneven surface of the jar’s bottom. You can, of course, use hot glue, but I like to be able to reuse containers, so I opt for easily removable adhesives.

Add the Lights


Rather than draping the lights around the inside of the jar, I wrapped all of them around the church, poking one bulb inside of it through the back. Then I placed it into the jar at the back and centre.

After the church and figurine are placed, add a small amount of faux snow to cover the bottom of the jar.



You can add whatever extras you choose. I got these miniature trees at Dollar Tree and put three of them around the church. A pair of long tweezers can help to manoeuvre them into place. 

I also placed a small bench from my collection into the scene.



It’s hard to see here, but there’s a small notch in the plastic rim on the jar lid. I placed the wire for the lights in the notch before closing the lid, to take some of the pressure of the closed lid off the wire. 

The battery pack can sit on the table behind the jar.



The finished ginger jar makes a pretty decoration wherever you choose to put it. I think this is, in part, due to the shape of the jar.

Make it Shine!


With the lights turned on, the whole scene sparkles. I love how this turned out!

Create a Christmas scene that makes you happy with whatever items you may have on hand or can find at your local dollar store.


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