Two Dollar Storage

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Storage Times Three

Keeping everything in its place is a challenge for many of us so, whenever we espy something at the dollar store that will help with that task, our natural impulse is to give it a try. Here are three recent purchases we’ve been happy with and some suggestions on how to use them to help you get organized.

This 19-inch high round bin is about 15 inches in diameter. Wire inserts keep it upright. Although its utilitarian look suggests a place for yard waste, it can be used inside, as well. We found it the perfect place to corral all of our long-stemmed fabric flowers, but you could use it to store stuffed toys, balls, pool toys, whatever. Two fabric handles make for easy transport. 

The tarp-like fabric is waterproof and sturdy enough to use for storage outside but, If you do, you’ll want to keep it in a sheltered place such as a shed because it is very light and it wouldn’t take much of a wind to send it rolling down the street.


When not in use, the container can be flattened for storage and held in place by two buttons inserted through loops. 

This storage cube comes folded flat but opens up to reveal a sturdy
12-inch square fabric-covered storage bin. A few of these could be put to good use in a kid’s closet, helping them to organize toys or other belongings, or use it on a shelf in the hall closet to help maximize storage there. Again, there are handles on this container that make it easily movable.




We hung this shoe organize on an end wall in the front closet and use it to store small things like compact umbrellas and gloves, as well as slippers. It came with a string for hanging but we opted to remove it and, instead employed two cup hooks to keep it stable.