Use seasonal window clings to decorate the glass in cabinet doors or dining room hutches.

A basket of apples interspersed with faux leaves makes an attractive autumn display.


You can add a layer of warmth to your home inexpensively by using wide scarves in place of throws. We liked this green plaid nubby scarf with tassels and it only cost $3. Great for throwing around your shoulders if you feel chilly.

Use hot chocolate packets as fall party favors by tying them up with raffia and inserting a faux leaf and a twig for decoration. 

For a seasonal hit of color, add a faux leaf and berries to your vase filler. Two or three autumn-hued pieces should be enough.

Turn an extra bed pillow into a lounge cushion by making a pillowcase out of two patterned tea towels. Just put the tea towels together, right sides facing in and stitch around three sides, leaving one end open. Turn right side out and insert pillow.

Choose a tea towel in an appropriate pattern and easily recover a seat cushion using a staple gun to fasten it to the underside of the seat.

This is a much earlier version of a dollar store shoe caddy. Here, it was used in a front closet to hold compact umbrellas, gloves and slippers for guests.

Make an inexpensive piece of art by framing scrapbook paper. Trim it to fit an 8 by 10 frame or, as here, make smaller pieces of art by cutting out images from the same sheet of paper . 


Use inexpensive dollar store scarves to fashion window treatments for your dorm room or first apartment.


Use seasonal window clings to help decorate glass vases or candle holders. They can be reused over and over again and won’t leave a sticky residue when removed.  A large sheet of window clings costs under two bucks. You can’t beat that for value.


Floral hair ties from the dollar store are a cheap and easy way to dress up the corner of a tablecloth for summer entertaining. They also make pretty napkin rings. 

Use large paper napkins as placemats to add seasonal color and help protect a fabric tablecloth.

Use inexpensive beach towels to disguise the wear and tear on old garden chairs for your next backyard get-together. They make great table runners, too. At dollar store prices, you won’t be upset if they get stained or otherwise damaged while serving these purposes.

If you’re short of towel bars in the bathroom, this may work for you. You can get an extendable shower curtain rod for two bucks at Dollarama. They extend up to 62 3/4 inches so, if the length of the wall you want to use it on is under that, it’s a simple task to position this rod between the two end walls, leaving enough room between it and the wall to hang towels and maybe some reading material.

Just remember not to overload your makeshift towel bar. (Feb.2013)

If you use a laptop on a desk that has a pull-out shelf for a keyboard, you can make use of this space by turning it into a faux drawer. Simply add some low wire or plastic drawer organizers to the shelf and you’ll have extra storage for office supplies.



Ever wonder what to do with the metal charms that come with some dollar store pillar candles? Make a simple zipper pull with the addition of a small key ring. 

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