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Make Inexpensive Wall Art

Dollar store frames are now available in more sizes and are of a better quality than ever before. Even with very little cash to spare, bare walls needn’t stay bare any longer.

All you need are a few ideas and you’ll be on your way to creating inexpensive wall art for your home. Start with these six suggestions and then go on to experiment with ideas of your own.


Silhouette art is popular and you don’t have to stick to silhouettes of people. To make this inexpensive piece of wall art, cut two pieces of scrapbook paper to fit the two 4 x 6 inch openings in this frame, position the silhouettes in the center and tape the paper into place at the back of the frame.

I lucked out and found some stickers in silhouette shapes at my local dollar store. To learn how to make silhouettes of people, visit e-How


Here’s the same frame used vertically. Black and white photos add a touch of drama to a wall. These wildflower pictures were taken by my photographer son, Curtis.

photo by Curtis Alexander

One 12 x 12 inch sheet of scrapbook paper produced this trio of framed art. The smaller 3 x 2½ inch frames came as a set.

Scrapbook paper is wonderful for use as a background for an object or picture in a frame or, as with this heavily patterned paper, to frame on its own. Try it in larger frames, as well, and experiment with colors to compliment your decor.


photo by Curtis Alexander

This matted 5 x 7 inch frame has a recessed back that made it possible to create a three dimensional picture using a scrap of burlap, a shell and a tiny bouquet of paper flowers.


Framing maps is an easy way to make artwork. These are reproductions of ancient maps that I saved from an old calendar.

I found these 11 x 14 inch frames at Dollarama. Frames this large are becoming more available at dollar stores.

Simply turn the paper insert that comes with the frame over, centre the trimmed calendar page on it and stick it down with a bit of glue. The maps looks matted against the white backdrop.


Botanical prints are always popular. These smaller pictures were made using sections of an unused wallpaper border that were trimmed to fit two different frame sizes. The light wood frames compliment the nature theme of the prints.

Bare walls needn’t be a problem when good-looking inexpensive wall art is so easy to make.


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