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Our animal companions
give us unconditional love and support 367 days a year so it’s
only natural that we should want to thank them at Christmas time by putting them in getups the good Lord never intended
for them. However, it’s all in good fun and, as usual, our
canine friends accept the silliness with grace and as much dignity
as a pair of reindeer antlers will allow. 

So here, for your
edification and amusement, is our doggie fashion show.


Our merry Christie
wears a two-tone velour Christmas coat with snap
closures.   One size only but it only cost

This dapper dog is Taz,
owned by Paul and Janet Ineson of Newmarket, Ontario. Taz is modeling
the latest in Christmas ankle wear, which features
silver bells and a faux fur trim. The set of four costs $1.00.

Photo by Paul Ineson

Christie’s back,
this time sporting the traditional Santa hat with a fur and
bell  trimmed collar. The set was, you guessed it, $1.00.