Gifts Under Ten Dollars For Mom and Dad

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Gifts Under Ten Dollars For Mom And Dad

Your a kid on a mission. You have a few dollars saved up for your allowance, a paper route or from shoveling The Smith’s driveway but it’s not a lot and you want to get Mom or Dad something nice for a special occasion. What’s a kid to do? Pocket your hard-earned cash and head for the dollar store. You might be surprised by the attractive gifts you can piece together for ten dollars or less. See if one of these ideas is right for your Mom or Dad.


Flower Power – Pick the pot(s) of your choice. You can get brightly painted clay pots at two for a dollar. Other small pots are three for a dollar. Package a bag of potting soil (2 small bags for $1.00) and three packages of flower seeds for a dollar, along with your pots, in an attractive gift bag for a total cost of $4.00.

Dressed to Grill — Outfit the barbecue chef in your family with some new equipment. Include a grill cleaning brush, a barbecue apron, a non-stick vegetable grill, a hamburger grill, a long handled spatula and a set of two skewers (all with rubber handles). Toss in a pair of plastic condiment holders and your gift will still only cost $6.00.


Car Crazy – For those who like nothing better but to ensure that they have a clean machine, here is a practical gift. Fill a large bucket with a car wash mitt or big sponge, a couple of packages of pre-treated interior cleaning wipes, a tire brush and a dash duster. The latter is a gadget with a dust mop-like attachment on one end and metal bristles on the other, for cleaning crevices and other hard to reach places. Depending on how many car care products you can find this gift will cost you about $6.00.





Roadside Assist – Either Mom or Dad would appreciate having one of these in their car, just in case. Start with the small plastic toolbox and add a set of screwdrivers, a measuring tape, a utility knife, regular pliers, two different sizes of needle nose pliers, a pair of locking pliers and a tire gauge. This gift costs $9.00.


Gone Fishing – Turn this same tool box into a tackle box for the fisherman in your family. Pack it with any combination of packaged lures, leaders, hooks, flies, sinkers, floats, and lures along with some chips (2 small bags for a dollar) or some other small treat so the sportsman has something to nibble on while he’s waiting for the fish to nibble! You might also want to include a fishing kit, which includes a stringer, a scaler, a hook remover and a bait knife. If you include everything mentioned, this present will cost $10.00.



Glued To Go – Scrapbooking is phenomenally popular these days and, whether you know someone who is already deep into the hobby or might like to try it, this will make an enjoyable gift. A square scrapbook folder makes a great place to contain the rest of your gift. Add to that some scrapbook paper (some stores sell whole themed kits for $1.00, other’s sell the paper at two sheets for a dollar), a pair of scrapbook scissors (the kind that cut in a pattern), and two packages of stickers to coordinate with the paper. If you don’t have any wrapping paper at home, pick up some of that, too. This unique gift will only set you back, $6.00 including the gift-wrap.

You will want to adjust the contents of each gift according to your budget and your parent’s own special likes and dislikes because, after all, no one knows your mom and dad quite like you do.

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