How to Make a Bow From Mesh Ribbon

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How to Make a Bow
From Mesh Ribbon

Mesh ribbon is shiny and fun, but it tends to stick to itself and it frays easily. Still, making bows from it isn’t that difficult once you know how.

To make a mesh bow you will need:

– a roll of mesh ribbon in the colour of your choice
– small gauge wire in the same colour as the ribbon
– tape measure
– wire cutters
– scissors

Step One

Cut a length of ribbon about 20-inches long and fold it as shown.

Step Two

Pinch the ribbon in the middle to create two loops and tie with a short length of wire. A three-inch piece should be sufficient.

Step Three

Cut another length of ribbon about 12-inches long.

Step Four

Tie the second piece of ribbon around the middle of the bow, tighten and pull the ends forward to make the tails. Trim any stray threads.

You will find that each bow ends up looking slightly unique, which rather adds to their charm.