Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day

Love, Dollar Store Style

When it comes to home décor, I’ve always felt that the trappings of Valentine’s Day can be overdone, perhaps more than any other seasonal celebration. For me, a room over-filled with red, pink and white is a bit much. 

In any case, we all have our own decorating styles and should do whatever makes us the happiest. Here are three
Valentine’s Day ideas for showing your rooms a touch of love in honor of the occasion.


I got this fun and easy idea for Valentine artwork from the Better Homes and Gardens website. It involves pasting cutouts on a piece of white card stock and framing. What could be simpler? Theirs employed bird and heart shapes. I dug into my stash of dollar store craft pieces and found some foam hearts and felt flowers in appropriate colors. 

The 8 by 10 frame cost two bucks and I just trimmed the card stock to fit.


Candles have always been symbolic of romance. A piece of Valentine ribbon held in place with a rose-shaped push-pin is all a plain white pillar candle needs to make it part of your romantic décor. For a red candle, simply use a piece of ribbon with a white background.

If you don’t have a flower or other appropriate push-pin, hold the ribbon in place with a short straight pin and cover with a heart-shaped sticker or other Valentine-inspired decoration. 

The small white votive candles are nestled in cinnamon hearts and embellished with three-dimensional heart stickers. All of these extras are easily removable as the candles burn down or you’re ready to move on to the next special occasion.


I found this cute five-inch vase at Dollar Tree. It’s perfect for a small bouquet of flowers that you can give as a gift, if you wish or, as I’ve done here, make a decorative display with Valentine-centric faux floral.

I swapped out the red ribbon that came with the vase for one that offers some contrast and a bit more pizzazz. You can also buy the larger version of this vase at Dollarama. 

Use these easy Valentine’s Day ideas to help colour your home with love.