Gifts Under Ten Dollars


Gifts Under Ten Dollars

If you’ve got two or more children in school, it can become expensive at Christmas or at the end of the school year when it is traditional to give teachers a well-earned thank-you. You don’t have to impress anyone by buying out the florist’s shop. The idea is to put together a thoughtful gift that conveys your gratefulness for putting up with little Johnny’s antics all year and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

For the tea lover, this gift box is packed with a glazed ceramic mug, a package of 50 tea bags and some cherry chocolates. You can substitute a small package of cookies for the chocolate, if you prefer.

Total cost – $4.00

The cook on your gift list might appreciate a new set of kitchen tools. Simply line the metal utensil holder with a tea towel and fill with your choice of kitchen tools. The wooden items were a dollar for two pieces. Also included is a silicone spatula, a soup ladle, slotted spoon, regular spoon and an egg turner. The matching pieces all have comfortable rubber handles with an attractive metal insert. This gift, as shown costs $9.00, including the gift bag.

Gift a gardener with this fun item. The colored metal pail is filled with a metal trowel, garden shears, a metal garden spike, three packages of seeds for a dollar and a pair of gardening gloves. The total cost of this gift is only $6.00 and you can interchange or add to these items with a variety of small touches like a package of garden ties, a colorful kneeling pad or a small garden statue.


Even if you can’t get your head around giving gifts from the dollar store, use these ideas as a guide when shopping for practical, substantial looking and budget-minded ideas for teachers, coaches, aunts and uncles or anyone else that you want to remember with “a little something.”

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