How to dress up a plain lampshade

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Trim A Lampshade

How to Dress up a Plain Lampshade

You can give a lampshade a bit more personality with a few dollar store accents and very little effort. Try these three ideas to get you started.



We’ve given this 8″ lampshade a Victorian look with the addition of two packages of beaded trim and secured it using a hot glue gun.




To achieve this look you need two packages of paper roses on wire stems. Use a large pin to poke holes at appropriate intervals through the existing trim around the edge of the lampshade. Then insert the wire stems through the holes and bend them back along the inside edge of the lampshade to secure them.

You can also buy fabric flowers and use the hot glue gun to embellish the lampshade. If you’re feeling extra creative, plan out a pattern using the flowers. Arrange them on a tabletop or sketch your design on a piece of paper first.

Here’s the same lampshade, this time using butterflies on wire stems. The beauty of this idea is that you can change the look of your lampshade according to the season, provided of course, that you can find suitable accents.

You might also consider using a stencil to add a permanent pattern to a lampshade like this one.