Easy Easter Projects

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Easy Easter Projects

I don’t know about you, but holidays always seem to creep up on me. Before you can say “Easter Bunny” I’m looking at entertaining a group of ten or more family members and it’s only a week away.

If you need ideas to help make this holiday special, hop on over to the nearest dollar store where you should still be able to find all the necessary supplies for these three easy Easter projects.


This hurricane candle was made with things found at the dollar store. It consists of a 4 ½” tall glass candlestick base that just happened to be the perfect width with a flat surface on which to sit the 6″ tall hurricane vase. Whatever base you use, make sure that the vase sits solidly on top to prevent disaster. Alternately, simply use the vase part by itself.

This tulip candle was found at the dollar store a couple of years ago but any short pillar candle will do the job nicely. Add a bit of springtime ribbon and you have a nice accent piece to show off when dinner guests arrive.

Use this display as a table centerpiece, if you wish. It’s simplicity itself to make. We used a square white dinner plate, spread it with part of a package of green floral moss, added two ceramic rabbits and some springtime color by sprinkling faux flower heads to finish. 

Party favors are always fun to do and needn’t be complicated to make. Young and old alike will get a kick out of these playful eggs inspired by Russian nesting dolls.

You will need:

  • Three different sizes of plastic eggs ($1 per package)
  • Book of Easter stickers
  • Individually wrapped small chocolate Easter eggs ($1 per 120 g bag)

For added fun, print Easter jokes or quotes on a sheet of paper, cut into strips and put one quote, rolled around the chocolate egg, inside each of the smallest plastic eggs. Then hide that egg in the next largest plastic egg and put that egg into the largest plastic egg. Decorate and seal the last egg with an Easter sticker.

Five dollars worth of materials makes an even dozen nesting eggs that you can hide for the kids to find or put at each place setting for dinner quests to enjoy.