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Easter Decorating Ideas

The arrival of Easter has always brought with it the hope of spring to winter-weary North Americans.

By this time of year, most of us are just plain tired of winter storm warnings and shoveling snow into small mountain ranges. So it’s never too early to look ahead to Easter and the
bright new beginnings it signifies.

Here are three easy Easter decorating ideas to help you dress your holiday table with spring colour for less.

Put one of these party favors at each place setting. Used pastel tissue paper
becomes Easter grass when put through a straight-edged paper shredder. Use it to make a nest in a footed dessert dish for a large plastic egg filled with treats.

You might want to think of this like you would a Christmas cracker and, along with foil-wrapped
chocolate, put a small keepsake and a quote or Easter riddles inside. Maybe you’d like to print the names of dinner guests on each egg and make use of them as place cards as well.

We finished each party favor with a paper rose and a length of pastel ribbon tied around the

Quick Tip: Save the ribbon that comes wrapped around the packages of candles at the dollar store for use in projects like this one.

This centerpiece consists of one 5″ tall candlestick, a pair of 2″ candlesticks in the same style, three small Easter candle rings and three purple candles. Then, we tied some lilac-colored ribbon around the center candlestick and set all three candles on mirrored candle plates to
add an extra sparkle to the grouping.

Choose candle rings and ribbon to co-ordinate with the candle colour of your choice.

Here’s another easy Easter decorating idea that can be put together quicker than you can say “chocolate chick,” (the confection or the consumer!)

All you need is a galvanized metal container like the one pictured, which is embossed on both
sides, three small candle rings and some Easter grass or tissue paper for the floral pieces to sit on. You simply fill the container with tissue paper or Easter grass and arrange the candle
rings on top.

You could make this arrangement the focal point of your Easter table. For a long dining table,
three of these centerpieces would look nice set at various points down the length of the table.