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Storing Greeting Cards and Wrapping Supplies

I don’t know about anyone else, but every year I get a wagon-load of greeting cards from charities looking for donations. Far from being throw-a-ways, they are often quite lovely so I want to keep and use at least some of them. Then the problem becomes how to organize the stash so they are easily accessible.

And while we’re at it, what about all the other gear associated with gift-giving? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of the needed supplies in one place?

Colorful file folders make cheery organizers for greeting cards. These came in a package of twelve at my dollar store. I like to organize my file folders according to the type of card. Thus, I have one file for birthday cards, another for blank note cards; one for sympathy cards, one for thank-you cards and another for get well cards.

You could also label one folder to hold stickers, gift tags and return address labels and another to keep two or three small gift bags handy.

I find that it works well to put the cards into two small piles in the file. If a file folder is bulging, I’m probably keeping more cards than I need or another storage solution, such as a designated box, is

Another way to do this is to label each of the twelve folders for the months of the year and
attach a list of birthdays and anniversaries occurring in each month along with the corresponding number of cards needed for each occasion.

Then you need only peek in the folder to see what needs to be mailed out that month.


A countertop paper towel holder makes a great place to store rolls of ribbon and a glass vase or other container with a wide base, makes a good place to keep tape, scissors, a pen and any other gift wrapping necessities.

A small folding bin is just the right size to contain all of these supplies and the whole kit fits neatly on a closet shelf or under your desk. That way you won’t have to search all over the house for cards and gift wrapping necessities when they’re needed.

It doesn’t make any sense to keep more greeting cards than you can possibly use. Recycle or donate cards that don’t appeal to you or that you know you will not need.

Fold gift bags flat and store them inside the largest bag. A tall waste basket makes a good place to store rolls of gift wrap. Keep both of these in the same place as your greeting card crate and you’ll never have to hunt for gift wrapping supplies again.