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Pet Supplies for Less

For animal lovers, there’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new dog or cat. Unfortunately, pet ownership isn’t all belly rubs and purrs. Buying litter boxes, licenses and food, not to mention paying vet bills, can cause expenses to multiply faster than a pair of rascally rabbits. That’s why it pays to check out the dollar store for all of your pet’s small necessities.

These handsome metal bowls could be used to serve up dinner for a cat or a small dog. The plastic mat to sit them on has an embossed paw print design on it. Dollar stores also carry collars and leashes in varying sizes. Shown is a belled collar for a cat. People are often surprised to learn that some brand name products, like these Purina cat treats, are available at dollar stores. Another necessity for the cat owner is a sturdy litter scoop. Why pay more than a buck? The total cost of all these pet supplies is $6.00.

This fleece blanket will give your pet something soft to lay on. Let’s face it; dogs and cats are happy with a clean old towel to sleep on but, when you can buy a pet blanket for
$1.25, there’s no need to justify your desire to pamper your four-legged friend and make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy in the process. 


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