7 Useful and Cheap Storage Tips From the Dollar Store

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7 Useful and Cheap Storage Tips From the Dollar Store

There are all manner of storage options on the market, but if you have a limited budget, there’s no need to spend a lot to get effective organization options for you home.

Try these 7 useful and cheap storage tips from the dollar store for every room in your home. 

Shallow Drawers


Small, unfinished wood trays, from the craft aisle at the dollar store, make great organizers in a shallow drawer. Keep track of string, tape measures, scissors, tape and other small items that would otherwise get lost in a traditional junk drawer.

I use this method in my top desk drawer, as well. 

Bathroom Storage


I have a small 3-shelf storage unit in my powder room. Small plastic bins makes a great way to stash cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper and refills of hand soap.


If you have limited counter space in the bathroom, a narrow shelf, like this bamboo and metal one, will give you a bit more storage, while helping to keep things in order. It is approximately 4 3/4″ wide by 14 1/4″ long by 6 1/2″ tall.

Kitchen Storage

Lazy Susans are a great way to store spices in your cupboard, making them easier to find. You can make one easily with two same-size round cake pans from a dollar store and some marbles.


These wire racks add an extra level of storage in overcrowded cupboards. I have found them very useful in making more room for my mug collection. One of these would be great for storing two levels of dinner/luncheon plates, as well.

Under the Kitchen Sink


A low plastic dishpan or other such bin is a great place to keep cleaning supplies that you regularly use in the kitchen. The bin helps to keep the space under the sink free from spills and other debris and it’s easy to pull out when it comes time to clean and/or reorganize under the sink.


A cereal container is a great place to keep dishwasher tabs. It keeps them easily assessable and protected from moisture and looks a lot better than the box they come in. 


Eliminate the need for storing a lot of granola and other snack boxes, by storing their contents in lidded containers. Choose some see-through stacking containers, so you can store more and see at a glance, what’s in each one.

Read some craft room storage ideas here.

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