Budget decor for Christmas

Christmas Ideas

Deck The Halls (And The Front Porch) The Stress-Free Way

Budget Decor for Christmas

You don’t have to hang lights and baubles from every surface inside and outside of your home to capture the spirit of the holiday season. Sometimes it’s the simple things that have the biggest impact. Decorating gurus are filling vases and bowls with ornaments to make attractive tablescapes and gathering nature’s offerings into attractive displays. Here are a couple of these ideas done in Dollar Store Style.


  We gave these 6 1/4″ high galvanized metal pails a seasonal boost    by applying large die-cast Christmas stickers to them and filling
  them with natural or natural-looking things to decorate the front
  steps. (The “apples” are actually Christmas tree ornaments.)


The evergreen branches and twigs are held in place by a piece of floral foam   and the handle of the buckets. If not held upright by the contents, the handle   can be held in place by gently bending the metal tab at each handle end    outward. A wide velvet ribbon adorns each pail handle.

Materials used:

metal pails, 

– pinecones, twigs and evergreen, free

– spool of velvet ribbon

– sheet of die-cut stickers, assorted sizes

– two packages of apple decorations

We created this miniature version of a tablescape with three different shaped vases, four packages of ornaments, 3 sprays of silver colored flora, a bag of artificial snow and three mirrored candle plates.




The ingredients for this festive garland are simple:

– 2-6′ lengths of wired garlands

– 1 thin gold-colored pinecone and berry garland

– 1 length of red wire-rimmed ribbon

– 1 package of pinecone decorations

Twist the two green garlands together then wind the pinecone garland and ribbon around
that. Place it on top of your fireplace mantle or on top of a large picture frame, as here and finish off by hanging the pine cone decorations on it just as you would on the Christmas tree.