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Creative Candles Ideas

There’s something lovely and calming about the soft flicker of a candle flame. No wonder we love to decorate with them.

Candles are one of those basic items of decor that never seem to go out of style and that’s because they are so adaptable and so affordable, especially if you buy them at your friendly neighborhood dollar store.

Making creative candle displays for your home is an easy, fun way to stretch your decorating budget.


Here, we’ve combined a three-inch tri-colored pillar candle with a set of three floating candles on an eight-inch flower-shaped plate. Just because the three smaller candles are made to float doesn’t mean they always have to be set in water.

Another idea that can be used just about anywhere is this set, also using floating candles more for display than for burning. The rectangular pillar is 4-inches in height. 

Inspiration for this candle display came from the flowerpot-shaped votive candle holders. Simply fill each one with mini river rocks and top with floral candles in complementary colors.

You can choose to keep all of the colors the same or mix and match, as here. They make a summery centerpiece inside or out or simply display them on a bookshelf.


Here’s another summery idea for a table centerpiece. All you need is a bamboo placemat, two square luncheon plates, a bag of seashells, some white decorative sand and two pillar candles. Use this idea throughout the summer or to help invoke a warm weather mood during a mid-winter luau party.

You may not find exactly these same items in a store near you; so let these ideas serve as inspiration for your own unique sense of dollar store style. Most of the candles you can get at the dollar store come in a variety of colors so that you can pick the shades that best suit your room or your mood. Ideas for candle displays are limited only by your imagination.

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