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Summer Decorating Indoors

While we’re busy sprucing up the yard and gardens, we shouldn’t forget to let summer shine through in our indoor decorating, as well. It’s as easy as packing your darker colored accessories away for the season and replacing them with a few summery ones. 

While these ceramic watering cans do function as intended, you might also use them to house a small fabric plant or a bouquet of garden posies. However you use them, they are a perfectly delightful addition to summer decorating. 

We loved this small ceramic planter with the attached saucer. If you don’t want to plant in it, use it for a votive or tea light candle holder or plant three floating fabric flowers in a bed of decorative stones. 

It’s worth noting that these little planters come in a variety of designs and colors so you can pick one that suits your tastes. Why not get three and group them together on a tabletop or line them up on a shelf?

We liked this embossed 5″ square ceramic pot because it reminded us of the large cement planters used outdoors. Here, we’ve used three sprays of fabric flowers anchored in some Spanish moss to make a floral display for the living room.