Easy Wedding Centerpieces

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Easy Wedding Centerpieces

While a guest on a call-in radio show a while back, a young girl called in, giggling, to ‘confess’ that she had made her wedding centerpieces using things from the dollar store. She may not have realized it, but she’s certainly not alone. I often see brides-to-be in my local dollar store clearing the shelves of a particular glass vase or decorative bowl.

There are oodles of wedding-worthy materials at dollar stores so, once again, why pay craft store prices for things you can get for a buck or two?

When it comes to the actual construction of a wedding centerpiece, thoughts abound but it needn’t be an undertaking fraught with anxiety. Here are three simple ideas to get you started. You can always vary the colors you use to match your chosen wedding theme.


Very simple, very traditional and cheap, too! Take one white candle ring, add a hurricane-style vase, sprinkle a few glittery gem-style rocks in the bottom and top with a small votive candle. A single package of gems will do for three or four centerpieces and the votive candles come in packages of nine.

Here’s a different take on a candle holder. Fill a 6″ tall squared vase a little over half full with craft sand and sink two taper candles, evenly spaced, into the sand until you are confident they’re secure.

You can buy paper flowers in small packages but we simply bought a single spray of flowers and proceeded to denude it of its flower heads. They pull off easily and the resulting small stems make the buds easy to plant in the sand. We put all of the smaller buds around the candles and saved the four larger ones to decorate the two sides of the vase. (You want guests on either side of the table to get the same view.) The two larger buds on the outside of the vase are held on with two-sided tape.


Take three clear flower-shaped votive holders, place on a silver tray and weave floral fronds between them. We snipped these hanging flower strands from a stem of fabric flowers they were part of and they proved to be very pliable. They’re held in place by sitting each of the candle holders on a single leaf. You might also use flower petals that come in large bags for a buck.  You can get plain white votive candles in packages of 16.