Thanksgiving Treat Bags on a Budget

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Thanksgiving Treat Bags on a Budget

I’m always looking for unique ideas for holiday party favours that won’t leave my wallet too deflated. To that end, the only new supplies I bought for this idea were some plain paper treat bags. The rest of the odds and ends used came from my craft stash.

Here’s how I made Thanksgiving treat bags on a budget.

Supplies Used:

  • plain paper treat bags 7 x 5-3/4″ (Dollarama)
  • fall themed paper baking cups (on hand)
  • selection of cupcake picks (on hand)
  • glue stick (on hand)
  • small clothes pins (on hand)
  • hot glue



I found these left-over fall baking cups in my cupboard. Thankfully, there were enough of them left for the 10 treat bags I wanted to make.



I soon discovered that, if I wanted the paper liners to lay flat, I needed some way to smooth them out. I put my iron on low heat and carefully worked my way around the cupcake liners to get the ridges out. I wasn’t sure this would work, but it did the trick. 



Next, I used the glue stick on the back of the liners and pressed them onto the front of the bags, smoothing them out from the middle to the edges. You may need to go around the edges and add additional glue where needed.

I needed the design to sit right at the bottom of the bags…



…so there would be about two and a half inches left at the top for a flap.



Next, I printed out a message to glue near the top of the treat bag. I liked the font Script MT and sized it at 22. You could also place the message directly across the centre of the cupcake liner.



For bag closures, I found some small clothes pins in my stash and thought I could make them do if I covered up the flowers. That’s were the cupcake picks came in. I had three different fall designs on hand. 



All I did was snap off the wood pick just below the pictures and hot glued them over top of the flower on the clothes pins.



Then just fill the bags with whatever treats you want, fold the top of the bag over to make a flap, and clip the bags shut using the clothes pins. I put some chocolate and an apple cider packet in mine.



I’m more than satisfied with the way these Thanksgiving treat bags on a budget turned out. I hope this idea gives you inspiration for creating your own.


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