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How to Decorate Plain Christmas Stockings

The first thing kids and big kids alike go for on Christmas morning, are the stockings. If you’d like to do something different with plain dollar store Christmas stockings, try these ideas, which are suitable for older kids and adults.

It won’t take a lot of your precious time this holiday season, to create totally unique Christmas stockings for the entire family.


Let it snow! The three-dimensional fabric snowflakes in the middle are held in place with craft glue. The snowflake confetti is also glued on.

Glue a row of 2 ½ inch wooden shapes, down the middle of the stocking. A row of smaller wooden shapes, evenly spaced, also looks great.

Three buttons, a strip of black craft felt and four small strips of thin gold ribbon are all you need to turn a stocking into a facsimile of Santa’s suit. You can sew the buttons on, if you have the time but I opted to glue them on. The belt and buckle pieces are held on with craft glue also.

This Christmas stocking is decidedly feminine and, just like the others, super easy to make. All you need is a package of 3-D poinsettia stickers and a length of silver ribbon. Cut the ribbon to the appropriate length for the stocking you’re decorating and turn about a quarter inch of the bottom edge under to prevent fraying. 

Use craft glue to secure the ribbon to the stocking. With the top edge tucked under the cuff, apply the ribbon to the middle of the stocking.

Space the stickers about two inches apart down the middle of the ribbon, leaving about the same amount of space bare at the bottom of the ribbon as there is at the top.

Finish with a line of stickers across the cuff. Add a drop of glue to the back of each sticker to ensure proper adhesion to the fabric.