Restyling Bathroom Shelving

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Restyling Bathroom Shelving

I’ve had this over-the-toilet bathroom shelving for years. Clearly, it’s rather gone out of style, but I like it because it offers a lot of extra storage space in a small bathroom. That being said, if I would change anything about it, it would be to have solid shelves, rather than open wire ones. Items with small bases simply won’t stay upright.



As I was pondering how to remedy that problem, I realized that the whole unit could use a redo. I originally used the hanging woven basket hanging from the shelving unit’s hook to store extra rolls of toilet paper. It has since become a repository for odds and ends. And there are other things here that are either not needed (I haven’t used a curling iron in months) or otherwise extraneous.

Of course, as with any such endeavour, I first took everything off the shelves and washed them down.

Adding Clear Trays

To solve the problem of making a solid base for things that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to sit on the shelves, I found two clear acrylic “appetizer” trays in the Dollar Tree party section. They’re just the right width for these shelves and blend into the background quite nicely. 



Accessorizing is the fun part. This covered tea light holder adds a hint of colour to one shelf.



I found small reed diffusers at Dollar Tree in different scents. This one’s called Garden Rain. It has a pleasant, albeit, very mild scent but it’s a fun addition to one of the trays. 

New Artwork


Next, I hung new artwork. I had this small vintage frame on hand, gave it a fresh coat of white paint and hung it above the first shelf using a clear Command hook. The 3-D butterflies stickers came on a sheet of four. I stuck two of them directly onto the wall inside the frame.

Adding Greenery

Despite that fact that I have a window in my bathroom, I opted for a fresh plastic plant to replace the old one. Be sure to weigh the vase down with glass gems before inserting the foliage, to prevent it from tipping over. 

I replaced the catch-all hanging basket with a mini terrarium hung from the unit’s hook by some heavy twine. I found the plastic terrarium at Dollar Tree. You can see how I put it together here: Make a Mini Terrarium

Repurposing the Towel Holder


There’s also a towel bar on the unit, which is handy, as I’ve found that many bathrooms always seem to be in short supply of places to hang towels. If you don’t need to use it as a towel bar, it makes a great place to store reading material. It’s design allows you to hang two magazines within easy reach of seating.












The other framed butterfly you see here is one I bought at the dollar store some time ago. A wicker basket hides things like extra cotton swabs, a bag of cotton balls, extra disposable razors and the like. With the exception of the wicker basket and the toiletries, everything you see here is from the dollar store.

I kept the large brown chest to store some medicinal items in, as there is no medicine chest in my tiny ensuite. Unfortunately, Dollarama doesn’t sell these large chests anymore, only the smaller ones. I could have used open storage, but decided I should probably have something lidded to keep bandages and ointments dust-free.


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