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Odds and Ends

Re-Purpose Driven

Alternative Uses for Common Items

Re-purposing, using an item for other than its intended use, is not only a great money-saving idea; it’s great fun, too. You can take a find like an old side table from a yard sale or thrift store and give it a coat of paint and a new life as a bedside table. 

When we talk about re-purposing dollar store style, the process is even simpler. Let’s look at three examples of re-purposing in dollar store style.

We made use of a hook on an over-the-toilet shelving unit for a hanging basket holding extra rolls of toilet tissue. This frees up the back of the toilet tank for other uses, whether for storage or decorative purposes. You could try this idea in the kitchen, as well, by using a cup hook to suspend it from under a high cupboard and storing fruit or small utensils in it, away from the stove, of course.


These large, copper-look metal butterflies are intended for use outdoors but metal art work is popular for use indoors, as well, so why not make your own by grouping three or more of these together on an indoor wall? Each butterfly is about 13 inches at its widest point.


This stone-look piece is 7- inches long and was intended for use in the garden. However, it’s heavy enough to be employed as a doorstop and we like being welcomed into our office by this cute critter. If you use a garden piece like this, prevent it from scratching indoor surfaces by cutting a piece of felt and gluing it to the bottom of the doorstop or buy a package of pre-sized, stick on pads that will serve the same purpose 

Next time you’re in the dollar store, imagine that stone bird feeder you see as a desk accessory, perhaps a paperclip or penholder. It’s easy, inexpensive fun that promises endless possibilities.