Pet Gifts at the dollar store

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Pet Gifts from the
Dollar Store

For many of us, our
pets are more than just four-legged animal companions, they are a
part of the family and we like to give them presents, too. Dollar
stores fill this need economically, whether it’s with brand name
treats or a new chew toy.

Cats are notorious for
steadfastly refusing store-bought toys in favor of an empty
plastic grocery bag or a scrunched up ball of foil wrap. So when I
brought this doorknob toy home I didn’t expect five-year-old Cloe
to give it more than a perfunctory sniff before completely
ignoring it. As it turns out, our girl was quite taken with the
belled mouse hanging from a length of elastic.

Dollar stores have
metal, plastic and ceramic feeding dishes for your small pets.
Shown here; a ceramic cat dish and a smaller version of those
convenient food and water feeders. $1.00 each

Give your pet a mini
spa treatment. This package of twelve moist cleansing wipes is
perfect for a quick clean-up after walkies or to freshen your
feline friend’s fur without the trauma that a tub of water
presents. And what dog or cat doesn’t enjoy the soothing feeling
of being brushed. This double-sided brush has a comfortable rubber
handle playfully embossed with a paw print design. Each item is

Dogs like nothing
better than to spend time with you. These colourful tennis balls
come in a package of three for $1.00 and are Christie approved.