Decorating with push-pins


Decorating With Push-pins

Dollar stores are great places to let the creative muse loose. You never know what it might make of the simplest of items.

Take the humble pushpin, for example. Playful shapes make it almost a pleasure to tack that dental appointment card to the bulletin board. But, why should the corkboard have all the fun? Why not use these decorative shapes in more creative ways, as well?


You can do this for any season. Just start with a seasonal color and the appropriate push pin design. If you can’t find attractive pushpins, try inexpensive lapel pins. Some dollar stores stock silver pushpins in a variety of shapes. Look for them in the stationery aisle. In the spring, make plain candles more summery with the addition of a humming bird, sunflower or butterfly and make a display on the bathroom vanity or the bookcase in the family room.

A holly pushpin was just the little something extra needed to make this candle right at home on the holiday mantle. It came in a set of six for a dollar. If you can’t find anything similar, consider using an inexpensive Christmas lapel pin.


Candles make welcome gifts, as well. If you are gifting a friend in this way, why not include a package of decorative pushpins with the suggestion that she can embellish the candles with them, if she wishes. Even if she decides not to use them for that purpose, they are an interesting little add on gift anyway and will always be right at home on the family or home office bulletin board.



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