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Kid Christmas

Yep. Christmas really is for kids and all of us big kids who enjoy seeing the little ones happy. With that in mind, here are three gift ideas that just might work for the youngsters in your life.


We started with a reusable Finding Nemo tote bag and added a stuffed dog, a colorful storybook, Christmas chocolate, the classic board game of Snakes and Ladders, some Play-Doh and a camping lantern. Then we included a two-pack of good quality batteries for the lantern.




Here are some stocking stuffers that might be of interest to the pre-teen girl in your life. They include a package of candy-flavored lip gloss, a set of two hand-painted hair claws, a snowman jingle bell necklace, a set of three different colored gel pens and a funky mini lava light.

Even the men at our house were impressed with the lava light, which includes the button batteries it requires to work. If you want, you could pop all of these things into a square cosmetic bag and make a small gift for your child’s friend instead.


This kid’s bath set includes a set of eight colorful hangers, a Lion King storybook, a bath mitt and some “Bath Safari” shower gel. Then we added a penguin pal to cuddle with while being read to at bedtime and an animal-shaped nightlight to keep the bogeyman at bay. It’s all packed into a hanging bath caddy.  Pop it into a basket wrap bag and you can cross one more child off of your gift list.

Naturally, you’ll want to vary the contents of any gift to suit the likes and age of the child. There are hundreds of gift ideas at the dollar store that are sure to please. All it takes is a sense of fun and a little imagination to come up with the perfect solution for a kid on your list.