Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Crafts

Love may not be in the air, strictly speaking, but its trimmings are starting to show up in stores again and people are starting to think about ways to show loved ones that they are – well – loved. And what better way to show someone you care then to give something homemade? 

To that end, check out the great selection of craft materials at your local dollar store before heading to a pricey specialty shop. I saw packages of foam hearts, Valentine stickers, rhinestone hearts, tissue paper, chocolate, decorations and much more. 

The following three offerings are just some of the easy Valentine’s Day crafts possible with items available at dollar stores. 

Make an edible bouquet for someone special. The “flowers” are heart shaped chocolates on sticks. They come wrapped in red, silver and pink foil come in packages of three.

For variety, buy one bunch of each color, remove the outside wrappings and separate the stems. Arrange the colors to suit, add a bit of greenery, wrap the stems in Valentine tissue paper and insert everything into a clear 8-inch vase. Then nestle a small stuffed toy among the blooms.

Know someone who has to spend Valentine’s Day in the hospital? This could be just the pick-me-up they need and, when the chocolate is gone they will have the vase for the real flowers they’re bound to receive. 

Maybe Grandma would like this gift blooming with hearts. The ceramic pot with attached tray is about 4 ½-inches tall and could be put to good use for a small houseplant later.

To make, place a small piece of floral foam inside the pot and insert three bunches of heart flowers. Then tuck a little tissue paper around the inside to provide stability and a base for a couple of packages of acrylic hearts.

Finish with a bow. This particular bow was wrapped around a bunch of chocolate hearts from the previous gift example. Why knock yourself out trying to tie a fancy bow, if you don’t have to? 


Heart bedecked frames are everywhere at this time of year. Make your own with an inexpensive frame and a couple of rolls of ribbon. A white frame seems appropriate to the occasion and will provide a neutral backdrop for any trim you use.

Wrap four separate lengths of ribbon around the inside mat and secure on the underside with a little glue or two-sided scrapbook dots. Then do the same on the exterior of the frame and add appropriate embellishments like these two puffy fabric heart stickers.

You could also use a Valentine-themed scrapbook paper to decorate the mat or let the kids go nuts with stickers.  Add an appropriate picture and your gift is ready for wrapping.


Valentine’s Day crafts are, cheap, fun and easy when you start with a trip to the dollar store.