decorating with faux flowers

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Decorating with Faux Flowers

Flowers delivered to your door by your favourite flower delivery service or freshly picked at your local florist add beauty and homeyness to a room. But, even if you like to pick up a bunch of fresh flowers from your grocery store once in a while, sometimes it just isn’t in the budget.

Still, you can achieve much the same effect with the good-looking fabric plants available at dollar stores these days. I’ve pulled together four ideas to get you started.

And, as you’ll see here, you don’t have to limit yourself to vases when you are considering an arrangement. Think like a florist, who can use just about any type of container to arrange her blooms in.

Here’s a simple idea using one bunch of flowers, a small glass pitcher and a tassel tie for ornamentation.

The stems were separated to allow for greater flexibility in arranging them.

This monochromatic arrangement is suggestive of country style décor. Start with a metal vase and fill it with a variety of different flowers all in the same colour. Cut the longer stems to achieve the desired height.


If you have a corner in a room that won’t sustain life for lack of sufficient sunshine, try planting a spray of fabric foliage there. Simply stick your foliage into a small piece of floral foam and place into a clay pot. Then fill out the pot around the plant with some decorative Spanish moss.


Here’s a pretty centrepiece for a country kitchen and these petals won’t shed into your oatmeal. Start with a small metal pail and mix two sprays of pink fabric flowers with four stems of white. Again, the longer stems can be cut to accommodate your container. 

When we get tired of our everlasting blooms, there’s a quick fix for that, too. Simply move them to a different room or store them away for a while to be replaced by another dollar or two worth of color.

 A different container, a different room and everything old is new again.