Easy Artwork for Fall

Autumn and Thanksgiving

Easy Artwork for Fall

For those of us who like to change things up with the seasons, this is the time of year to bring out the cozy throws and replace the sheer summer-y curtains with drapes in warm shades like burgundy, deep green or whatever fall colour suits your décor.

Our walls and tables get a makeover, too. Try these easy artwork for fall ideas to fill your spaces with colour.

A Banner Year

To make this wall hanging you will need:

– 1 roll of burlap (5-inches wide by 10 yards long at
– 1 bag of faux acorns with pinecones (Dollarama)
– 1 roll floral wire (Dollar Tree)
– 2 scarecrow picks (or similar larger pieces- on hand)
– assorted faux leaves (on hand)
– hot glue gun

Cut a length of burlap about 35-inches long, including about 1-inch for each of the top and bottom borders. Fold the top and bottom borders over and hot glue onto the back of the banner. 

Break the picks off the scarecrows and centre them on the burlap as the main elements, then hot glue them in place. Arrange your leaves and other decorations in in the spaces in between the scarecrows and at the top and bottom of the banner. When you’re happy with the arrangement, glue these in place.


Cut a length of floral wire, thread it through the top border of the banner and bend it into the shape of a hanger, making sure the ends are hidden inside the border. Add a bit of weight, such as a thin, heavy magnet to the bottom border so that the banner hangs straight.

Falling Leaves

For this picture you will need:

  • 1 5×7- inch recessed frame
  • 1 package linen-like or other neutral material (Dollarama)
  • 4 faux leaves (on hand)
  • stick-on letters in fall colours (Dollarama)
  • small two-sided tape squares





Line the frame backing with material and arrange the leaves in a pattern suggesting falling leaves using the two-sided adhesive squares.




Stick letters onto each leaf to spell the word “fall.” 



Place the backing back in the frame and enjoy your new art.


Sunny Disposition


For this project you will need:

– a 5×7-inch frame (on hand or dollar store)
– roll of burlap (Dollarama)
– 5 ½-inch faux sunflower head (on hand)
– scissors
– hot glue (on hand)



Take the glass out of the frame and store or discard. Line the inside of the frame’s backing with burlap and glue in place. Replace backing in frame.

Trim the stem on the back of the sunflower, so it will sit flatter and hot glue it to the middle of the burlap. 

I like the way the sunflower petals overlap the frame.  I think the burlap is the perfect background for this three dimensional piece of art.


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