Decorate and Entertain for Autumn

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Decorate and Entertain for Autumn

There’s nothing like a change of seasons to set the decorators among us in motion. The vibrant colours of fall are particular favourites of mine and I love to incorporate them into the decorating scheme in my home.

Here are four ideas you can use to decorate and entertain for autumn in Dollar Store Style.

Leafy Garland



For this leafy garland all you need is a length of twine and a couple of packages of faux leaves with stems. I got these at Dollarama. They come in packages of ten.

Determine the length of twine by hanging two small Command hooks on either end of the wall or mantle you’re decorating and stringing the twine between them. Then all you do is bend the stems down at the base of the leaves and hang them over the twine. There’s nothing easier.



Fall Collectibles

Find three different heights of squared vases, and fill them with different fall items such as real or fake pine cones and acorn.

To make filler for the third vase, pull the faux fruit and vegetation from three or four autumn picks.

Place the vases side by side on a hall or side table so the grouping looks like one unit.

Two-Leaf Napkin Rings

If you’re entertaining this fall, here’s an easy napkin ring you can put together in no time at all.

You will need:

– a roll of ribbon in a fall colour 
– a package of felt leaves 
– a package of acrylic leaves 
– scissors
– a glue gun (on hand)

I happened to have a roll of thin ribbon on hand so I used that for my napkin rings but you can always use a wider ribbon, if that’s your preference.

1. Cut the ribbon in approx. 6 ½ – inch lengths and hot glue in a circle
2. Apply hot glue to one side of the acrylic leaves and centre them on the felt leaves
3. Put a dab of hot glue on the ribbon ring seam and centre the felt leaf on it to hide the seam.

Turkey Time

I like to send dinner guest home with a little remembrance. Try this playful and easy-to-make turkey party favour.



You will need:

– mini glass canisters (enough for each guest) I found these at Dollarama in sets of three
– turkey faces and wings – clip art images found online (print turkey parts)
– pointy faux leaves (on hand)
– scissors
– glue dots or mini two-sided tape (on hand)
– small wrapped treats (I spent about $3 total)

Copy, print and cut out enough turkey faces and wings for each canister.
Fill each canister with small treats and replace the lids. Attach turkey faces to the front of the lid and the wings on either side of the canisters using two glue dots for each. Attach the leaf tail feathers to the back of the canisters using three glue dots or two-sided tape, as shown below.


I estimate that each of the nine party favours I made cost under a buck to make, including the treats inside.


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